Tokyo JR SHINBASHI Station 2min. Japanese food restaurant (WASHOKU-restaurant) "WAGOKORO-GINSUI"


WAGOKORO-GINSUI Message from the Owner

WAGOKORO-GINSUI,I will cook Japanese food of four seasons in the traditional natural seasoning of Japan.

Kelp soup stock, bonito soup stock, soy sauce, sake etc, in the fermentation natural seasoning of "kouji", I will taking advantage of the material.

Sashimi, grilled, fried, boiled, vinegared etc.
And to take advantage of the taste of the food itself of Japan, is a Japanese traditional meals.

WAGOKORO-GINSUI is a casual, is at home shops.

it is homely small and the shops of 17 seats.

Wagokoro GINSUI, course cuisine is the main shops.(Left:Ginsui Course、right:Itacho Course)


〈Ginsui Course〉 ¥8,800〜(Tax included)
1.Appetizer(Otooshi) (2 dishes) 2.Bowl dish(owan) 3.Sashimi(Otsukuri)(5 kinds of sashimi) 4.Mainly grilled fish(Yakimono) 5.Fried food(Agemono) 6.Boiled Food(Nimono) 7.Vinegared food (3 dishes) 8.Meals

〈Itacho Course〉 5,500yen(Tax included)
1.Draft beer 2.Appetizer(Otooshi) (2 dishes) 3.Sashimi(Otsukuri)(3 kinds of sashimi) 4.Mainly grilled fish(Yakimono)
5.Boiled Food(Nimono) 6.Vinegared food 7.Meals
The contents will change depending on the season.
*Separately tax and service charge.

In Wagokoro GINSUI, it offers all-season pot cuisine.




JR 2-minute walk