Tokyo JR SHINBASHI Station 2min. Japanese food restaurant (WASHOKU-restaurant) "WAGOKORO-GINSUI"



和心ぎんすいThought to fish
Fish I am buying at Tsukiji. Oma of bluefin tuna,Doederleinia berycoides of near the sea,Kichiji of near the sea,True octopus of near the sea etc

Thought to soup stock
In a little salt to the soup stock of been Rishiri kelp and bonito, dried flesh of bonitos aged in Koji fungus of environment, I have to cherish the seasoning of Japanese food.
Japan's own natural seasonings, I pull out the flavor in such soy sauce, sake, mirin, miso.

Thought to salt
The grilled fish of WAGOKORO-GINSUI, I am a blend of three types of salt. Among the many years of experience, it is the result of the trial and error rate.

和心ぎんすいThought to four seasons
In Japan, there is a spring, summer, autumn, winter seasons, there is a seasonal ingredients of each season.
I will cherish the seasonal ingredients.

Thought to alcoholic drinks
Please enjoy the sake and shochu, such as Japan's own alcoholic drinks such as junmaisyu and jouzousyu.

Thought to rice
In my shop, we are asked to send in rice for each order to "Ayahime" of Hokkaido. There is this rice a little yellowish, but in low-amylose rice, it is very glutinous the rice.

In Wagokoro GINSUI, it offers all-season pot cuisine.




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